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2018-02-14 20:37:33 UTC
Why is it so far-fetched to believe Cliff could be Jim’s kid? I mean think about it. How many women do you think Jim slept with? How many of those women were 60s girls, sleeping with other guys as well? And how many children could Jim have inadvertantly created? Of course he has a different last name, as Jim probably never even knew he existed. Maybe it wasnt until he was older, that Cliff’s mother told him who his dad was. Maybe she wasnt even sure, but i gotta say, there is definatly a resemblance between Cliff and Jim. Look at that eye shape.
2018-03-26 20:34:36 UTC
He's already had a DNA test. Positive.

Jim Morrison's father was a Real Admiral in the US Navy. What else would they say? Do you know how much money is wrapped around that legacy?

Doesn't seem like Jim was on very good terms with his parents, considering the fact that his Elektra biography quotes Jim as saying that they were dead.

Is Tamika Hendrix a fraud because Jimi is not on the birth certificate?

Sorry to burst the proverbial bubble, but this is the same old "we hate Linda and Yoko" line of self-entitled crap I grew up with in the 70s.

People think that because they didn't hear about it in Rolling Stone, it isn't true.

Everyone needs to put their claws away and worry about their own families.

"You're all a bunch of fucking idiots." -JDM